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Anatomy of a Logo. 5 Steps – Due Diligence to Final Files.

I’ve developed hundreds of logos over the years and they’re designed primarily for 3 types of catagories. Corporate, product or event. Each catagory has it’s own design approach, but the goal is consistent – and that’s to communicate a message … Continue reading

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Make The Switch From QuarkXpress to InDesign

I’d been a QuarkXPress user since the early days and extolled the benefits on a regular basis to my “PC” friends. When Adobe first took a stab at desktop publishing I was wary. I extensively used Adobe’s other graphic products … Continue reading

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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Layout & Design.

Design (from a marketing viewpoint) is all about assisting the communication of a message. If the viewer doesn’t stop to look at what you have to say you can’t fully communicate your message. Obviously there is no “secret formula” for … Continue reading

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Vertical marketing defined. Choose your audience wisely.

What exactly is vertical marketing? Some of you may never have heard the term before –or may understand it to be different than I do. This is how I define it and what I base my recommended marketing strategies on. … Continue reading

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A practical view of marketing from a creative perspective.

Welcome. My name is Ray Bauer and I’ve been on the creative side of marketing and advertising for over 25 years. Up until December of 2009 I’ve worked at agencies and marketing firms in New York City, Silicon Valley and … Continue reading

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