T-shirt Design Contest

A Contest with a Cause 

It has been my pleasure to be involved with a non-profit organization – Fashion Has Heart – that helps aid the rehabilitative needs of America’s Wounded Warriors. One fund-raising venture is an online T-shirt design competition. Basically designs are submitted and voted on by the online public with some cash and prizes going to the top 3 vote-getters. This initiative is named HeartContest and you can read all about it at: http://www.heartcontest.com

Fashion Has Heart is, a non-profit and non-partisan organization that is committed to honoring and empowering America’s Brave through a variety of unique programs and partnerships. Tens of thousands of troops have been wounded in recent conflicts, many of them suffering traumatic brain injuries, amputations, severe burns and PTSD.

The mission of FHH is to utilize the medium of Fashion and Art to raise awareness and support their rehabilitation efforts – through our dynamic approach of art making, graphic/fashion designing and brand/product development.

FHH is committed to providing unique and direct programs and services that ease the burdens of the wounded and their families, aid in the recovery process, and aid in the transition back to civilian life. FHH Honors the men and women who sacrifice for our country. These service men and women give life and limb to protect our freedom’s and Only through the help of individuals who come together in their communities, can FHH continue to aid this generation, and those to come, with the comfort and support they need.

Maybe think about entering a design. Please consider passing this along to your social network. Together we can make a difference. One design at a time.

About Ray Bauer

I am an independent designer and marketer operating my own enterprise, rBAUERdesign, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I have an understanding of, and dedication to, the design and marketing process of firms in need of communication solutions. I bring my design, layout, creative and art direction experience and knowledge as well as applied and tested marketing applications from the advertising agencies and marketing firms I've worked at for over 25 years to every job I touch.
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